Westville Cycle Club
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Westville Cycle Club Events Calendar.

The events calendar will give you an indication of the heart beat of the club and what is happening regarding races, social rides, weekly training rides, and special dates to remember.

The Club has regular morning training rides during the week and at weekends.  There are two main groups which start in Hillcrest and Westville.  The weekday rides generally finish around about 6.00 a.m. and there are back up  vehicles which  follow the groups.  Weekend rides are longer.  Times and routes are usually determined at the Friday coffee ride.  Anyone, including non-members, are more than welcome to join these rides. 

Normal training groups as follows: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Oscars Hillcrest at 4.45 am


(With back up vehicle) Fridays – coffee/social ride.

B Group Rides: (because we all have to start somewhere) – Captain Iris Varty incharge

Tuesday: Winston Park and Hillcrest (+ 24km) mountain bikes

Wednesday: Circuits in Winston Park - 4 loops Road bikes - Start from Little Red Hen

Thursday: Hills (mountain bikes) (+ 22km)

Friday: Westville Cycle Club - Coffee Ride

Saturday: Tour de Suburbs (+ 40/50km)

Sunday: Distance ride + 70km

Start times: 4h45 from Oscars - Circuits 4h45 - Little Red Hen

Average speed of the group is only about 20km - hence the mountain bikes (big blade) for the

stronger riders. We ride as a group and re-group regularly, (as it's getting colder we prefer to roll

slowly instead of stopping). Circuits you're on your own.

Please NOTE:

Robots: If red... we stop. Simple

Keep left at all times

Bikes must have lights

It's very simple. Anyone is welcome - safety first.

(Iris' cell number is 0715498163)

Event Calendar

Upcoming events January through to March 2017
Barn Dance on the 11th February 2017 at Kloof Civic Town Hall – to raise funds for the youth who will be taking part in Tour of Amsterdam – see attached poster for details. 2. Compendium Midmar Notts – 26th...   More